IO Plus Salt Sharadiya Award 2016

Rehabari Bilpar puja pandal won the IO Plus Salt Sharadiya Award 2016 contest with a maximum number of 3,577 public votes. The puja committee has been presented with a prize money.

The theme of the puja committee this year was ‘Save Nature and Save Earth’, aimed at highlighting the universal issue of global warming.

The contest was carried out on-air in Red FM and the SMS voting for the same was held from October 7 to 9.

Narendra Jain from IO Plus Salt said, “Every year during Durga Puja we witness innovative trends and creativity with many pandals spreading strong social messages. Seeing the untiring efforts of local artisans and puja committee members across the city, we wanted to appreciate them for their innovative thoughts and hard work.”

Vice president of Rehabari Bilpar Durga Puja Committee Joydeep Das Gupta said, “It is a very proud moment for us and we convey our heartfelt thanks to the voters who appreciated our hard efforts. Our first puja was initiated in 1966 and 2016 marks the golden jubilee. Global warming is the talk of the hour, and we did our bit to highlight this thought-provoking message of saving our planet earth and nature by portraying the plants and trees as Goddess Durga and other idols.”